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ExpressCom Business Solutions specialises in Telecommunication, primarily for business. This may take several forms and may vary as the needs of YOUR business grows and changes.

As a starting point, we are pleased to provide an "excerpt" of a few current plans that are available RIGHT NOW, including NBN Plans from several providers, not listed here.
We also have the ability to negotiate with certain carriers and "custom-build" a specific plan for your business or group of companies.
At ExpressCom, we have the flexibility required to suit your specific business. And in most cases, this is bundled on one account for all of your telecommunication services.
We have access to 100's of plans across many corporate providers and we may utilise a combination of infrastructure across Optus, Telstra or other providers that physically are able to supply services in your area. This coverage may be fixed, mobile or data, depending on the specific needs of YOUR business and your location.
All Plans below are a portion of the plans only...and do not explain the conditions of plans that may be in effect...please contact ExpressCom today to explain if these plans may suit you. We will always provide a formal, written rate sheet for your information for services that you may require. However, not all services may be available in all areas. 


PremTel NBN Plans on the NGN Business Grade Network


PremTel SIP 450

The ExpressCom management, customer service and support team is well balanced and highly experienced. All are dedicated to the growth of your business and the support of our agent network.In a relatively short period of time ExpressCom 

Contact ExpressCom for more information.has established itself as a market leader assisting over 3,500 companies by substantially reducing their telecommunication costs.